People are our business

We are a specialist recruitment and strategic HR consultancy. We believe that where people flourish, business thrives. Whether it is delivering permanent and interim talent solutions or aligned people and change initiatives, ours is a fresh, integrated, holistic approach to ensuring you always have the right people in the right positions at the right time for sustainable organisational success.

We practise what we preach

We are fiercely committed to the people we work with, building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We apply the same tailored, supportive and flexible approach to our team as we do to the candidates and clients we support. Honest, open, collaborative, we model a more positive, progressive and productive organisational culture. The equation is simple: people who are in the right role and who are engaged, motivated and empowered are more productive, creative and effective.

The inside track to a successful talent strategy

Our people have years of combined experience. Between them, they have built up extensive networks, offering you access to rich and diverse pools of talent. We work with ambitious start-ups and SMEs through to established corporates and public-sector organisations, bringing an objective clarity to the most complex of people-resource challenges. Whether it is the attraction of new talent or the development of your existing people, ours is a human-centric, quality-over-quantity approach that unlocks potential, reduces costs and supports sustainable growth and profitability.

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I've been in the industry for over 30 years – a good number as UK Director of one of the world's largest recruitment companies. Over those years, the more convinced I became that organisations need to take an integrated approach to people resourcing. That is why Emlyn and I set up Seymour John, a consultancy that not only offers pin-point specialist permanent and interim recruitment solutions but strategic, onsite, HR services too. Whether it’s attracting new talent or developing the people they’ve already got, in increasingly complex operating environments, we help businesses to develop aligned talent strategies for organisational success
Mark Seymour, Founding Director

Search & Selection

For us, there is no distinction between a candidate and a client, the goal is the same; to find the best fit.

People & Change

An agile, flexible, strategically aligned business driver for sustainable growth and profitability: Welcome to the HR function of the future.


A shot of high value, highly qualified talent without the long-term commitment or risk

Public Sector & Not For Profit

There is no substitute for sector experience and expertise: Compliant, OJEU-approved, specialist recruitment that mitigates risk and ensures a return on investment