Case Study: HR Health Check

Mitigate risk, establish best practice, and enhance the employee experience

An HR Health Check is an independent and comprehensive review of an organisation’s existing HR practices, policies and other HR-related documents. It assesses both legal compliance and HR best practice to identify potential risks (both legal and financial) and ways in which the function can be enhanced and improved. It is something we especially recommend for new clients.

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When asked to work with a new client on ways in which we might enhance the employee experience for their 120-strong workforce, we suggested that first we undertake a review of their existing HR practices, policies and other HR-related documents. This would help us understand their internal capability and the level of support they might need from us.


We met with the key stakeholders to gain a clear picture of the business and how it operates – its processes, procedures and general HR practices. These conversations enabled us to get a feel for the company culture and commercial appetite for risk. We were given access to all the documentation that was already in existence.


The resultant, detailed report offered them a roadmap, ranging from immediate concerns, like addressing minimum legislation requirements, to less urgent, best practice suggestions to be implemented over the next 3 to 12 months. Comprehensive and clear, the client loved the plan of action with associated timescales. Whilst some issues they were aware of (but hadn’t had the time or capability to address), others they had not considered. These included different approaches to key activities like communication and engagement and examples of how implementing simple initiatives can enhance the employee experience.

Next Steps

Working in partnership with key business stakeholders, we are currently developing and implementing the recommended roadmap. As the business has no dedicated HR function of its own, the project has had a massive impact, adding immediate value from day one.

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