Case Study: Improving performance with Gallup strengths-based coaching

Do you feel frustrated in your current role? Are you feeling directionless in your career? Do you need to make changes but don’t know where to start? When these kinds of feelings started to impact other areas of her life, our client took action, by embarking on a Gallup CliftonStrengths34 coaching journey.


We can all sometimes be guilty of coasting or functioning on autopilot. As such, it’s good for us to take time out and reflect, from time to time. Our client was aware enough to understand that something wasn’t right. But what was the source of her frustration and how could she overcome it?

Focusing on areas for development – or weaknesses – won’t do much to enhance performance. Success comes from using our natural talents, the things that we are good at and enjoy. Identifying them, developing them, and harnessing their power is the source of genuine performance improvement.


As with any new coaching relationship, it is vital to work towards understanding the ‘whole’ person and not just the individual who shows up for work. Luckily, our client was wholly receptive to this and opened up from the start. We spent initial sessions asking questions to gain a better understanding around her motivations and current level of awareness of her strengths.

We used the report from the Gallup strengths-finder online assessment on which to base subsequent coaching sessions. Simply identifying strengths and raising self-awareness can only take us so far, however. To give ourselves the greatest chance of success, we need to develop strategies where we are playing to these strengths more of the time.


The shift in confidence levels was mind-blowing. Ultimately, the raised awareness around strengths and achievements, and the positive things that were happening, both inside and outside of work, gave her the motivation to apply for another role – a role she would not have believed she could do at the start of the coaching relationship.

She nailed the interview and, as a result, is now working in a role where she is happier, more confident, and getting the recognition she deserves. All of this has been achieved by focusing on what was already at her disposal. This isn’t about becoming someone different, it’s about becoming more of who you already are.

“Learning to dive deeper into my strengths and improve on these was hugely beneficial. Being able to talk openly about work scenarios, and be challenged on these, massively increased my confidence and helped me realise that I am good at what I do; I was just in the wrong role! It’s been incredibly insightful in terms of helping me make necessary changes. The impact on my career progression has been huge. Thank you so much, I will always be grateful for this opportunity.”

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