Case Study: Keeping employees Covid-safe

Safety protocols for peripatetic project teams working in GP surgeries

From agile working and health & wellbeing to enforced absence and lay-offs, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a people crisis. As the people function, HR has had to play a crucial role in steering organisations safely through. We have had to react quickly and decisively, to navigate through what has sometimes been uncharted territory.


As the pandemic hit, our client was about to embark on one of the biggest digital transition projects in the UK. Part of a wider transformation programme, they were tasked with migrating over 2,000 devices from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This meant project teams visiting 150 GP surgeries at the peak of the pandemic. The Health, Safety & Wellbeing policies and procedures we were producing suddenly became key to the project’s success. Keeping employees, GP staff and their patients Covid-safe was paramount.


Initially it was tough. Like most, when faced with Covid-19, we had limited experience and resources to draw from. Everything we did had to be created from scratch or adapted to fit this new world we were operating in. From new ways of working to workplace assessments, we were having to think and protect against every eventually. We sourced PPE, cleaning products, arranged training and wrote processes and guidance on key measures like taking temperatures. We developed collateral to understand individual risk levels and appropriate advice for each individual employee.

We updated the company handbook and contracts to ensure that everyone understood their roles and responsibilities when it came to protecting themselves and others against Covid-19. Over the coming months, as the contract was being delivered, we were on hand to provide advice and guidance dealing with all people matters – including Covid-19 issues like track and trace notifications and advice for those travelling outside the UK.


The success of the project relied largely on getting these protocols right. As a result, the contract was delivered on time and with minimal Covid-19 disruption. The client was incredibly grateful. Our company handbook was shared with their client who was impressed at how thorough we had been with the steps we had put in place.

Next Steps

The documentation we produced has been used by the client in support of subsequent public sector projects they are tendering for. We learnt a lot in a short amount of time, and have continued to adapt our documentation as we have found ourselves supporting many other clients in the same way, over the course of the year.

The collateral and support you’ve provided has been so impressive in its attention to detail. Your incessant work ethic, capability and patience in wading through the minefield of regulation and guidance was crucial in the successful delivery of this project. Both ourselves and our client are very grateful for your support


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