Contingency, Exclusive & Retained

A level of engagement commensurate with the level of the role

We understand that you don’t always require our full suite of services. Sometimes you simply need a shortlist of candidates to complement those of a competing agency or your in-house recruitment processes. At such times, we work with you on a contingent basis. The level of engagement is dependent on the level of the role and associated risk. For organisation-critical roles where it is imperative you find the right fit first time, we would always recommend you work with us on an exclusive basis.


For mid-level positions, where there is a good supply of qualified talent and a low risk of associated failed placement, support in generating candidates is all that’s needed. We are nimble, agile and responsive. Rising to the usual time-pressure challenges, we have the capacity and the networks to work with numerous assignments concurrently, delivering a shortlist in hours, if needs be.

Exclusive & Retained

When you’re recruiting for leadership roles, making the wrong appointment can be expensive. Get it right and the results can be transformative. The very best leadership talent gives you a competitive advantage. Recruiting this kind of high-calibre person requires a more focused, forensic approach, one that can discreetly delve into a deep pool of passive talent, too. We headhunt the best person for the job, not just the best person who is available. We mitigate risk, delivering a good return on investment by ensuring you find the right fit first time, every time.

Working exclusively with an expert talent ally is a proven path to attracting, retaining and developing the right people. Consistently reliable results are achieved through the development of long-term partnerships, with both our clients and our candidates. It is a process based on the development of a profound understanding of the very particular requirements of both and marrying the two. Over time this gets refined. As your business evolves, so does our understanding.

Partners benefit from our holistic, integrated approach that offers complete talent lifecycle solutions, aligned with their business objectives. Anticipatory and forward facing, we not only work with you to address today’s immediate challenges, but also develop plans to secure the talent pipeline for the future. In shifting business contexts, continuous evaluation and succession planning will identify any skills gaps and areas for development to ensure your talent strategy has flexibility and sustainability built in.

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