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No doubt about it, this pandemic is going to put organisations under severe pressure. These are unprecedented times. To make it through, we are all going to have to pull together.

From agile working and health & wellbeing to enforced absence and lay-offs, this is a people crisis. As the people function, HR has a crucial role to play in steering organisations safely through. We understand not all will have a dedicated in-house function, however, which is why we’ve set up this web resource to help.

Over the coming days and weeks, it will build into a library of practical, operational HR advice and strategic leadership insight. It will evolve with the situation and as the collateral is developed. So, please check back, from time-to-time, to keep updated.

GETTING STARTED: Carry out your own HR health-check

Download our comprehensive list of the regulatory, operational and performance issues you will need to consider as your organisation adapts to new ways of working.

Resource library

Leading through uncertainty

Agile Working

Managing absence

Leaders, you need to be your best-self, right now

Coming next...

06 April

Maximising performance

When the world of work has been turned on its head, you will need to re-evaluate what ‘good’ looks like. So how do you get the best out of your people remotely?

09 April

Policy, benefits & contractual reviews

Most organisations will need to cut costs. Whether it’s reduced working, lay-offs or redundancies, there are some tough people-decisions ahead. From renegotiating contracts to sick pay and benefits, this page will help keep you on the right side of compliance whilst offering some alternative solutions.

13 April

Communication & Engagement

Communication will be crucial in this difficult time. From the trust-building reassurance that comes from being kept informed to maintaining social interactions from a distance, leaders need to be accessible and visible, ensuring their people feel connected, motivated and engaged. We’ll be offering insight into how.

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