How We Work

A proven, seven-stage process to finding the right fit

We are advocates for both you and the prospective candidates we put forward; after all, a successful outcome will be the right fit for both parties. Ours is a tailored process, of listening, understanding and forensic evaluation and assessment over a series of refining stages, from initial consultation to on-boarding and in-post support and development.

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  • Stage 1: Defining the role profile
    Stage 1: Defining the role profile
    Our starting point is to listen in order to develop a profound understanding of your business – its culture, organisational objectives, products, services, financial performance, market perception, competitive environment and position within your industry sector.We consult with key stakeholders to understand the role and its value to the organisation – the technical/capability requirements and responsibilities as well as the necessary emotional intelligence and interpersonal attributes required. We will then compile a detailed profile of the ideal candidate and agree delivery timescales.
  • Stage 2: Exploring the talent pool
    Stage 2: Exploring the talent pool
    Built over many years, our proven track record in the regions we serve, means we are uniquely positioned to leverage extensive talent networks and referrals to help you find the right people to give you the competitive edge. Because many of our engagements require unique skill-sets, we also have the value-added option of delving discreetly into a deep pool of ‘passive’ talent to find your exact match.Our reputation is built on integrity and trust. In the rare instance that we can’t find a suitable match, we’ll tell you. We won’t ever waste your time by puttiing forward someone who is unsuitable. In situations like this, we offer a range of value-added options, from online branded advertising to campaign microsites, that will extend the reach. These kinds of options are particularly beneficial for high-profile roles where you need to take a branded message about the organisation to the wider market to attract the right calibre of person.
  • Stage 3: Matching people to the role profile
    Stage 3: Matching people to the role profile
    Taking the time to build and manage relationships effectively is crucial for a successful outcome. Stage 3 is the flipside of Stage 1, where, this time, we listen carefully to our candidates, ensuring their career aspirations, work–life balance, personal development needs, technical capability, cultural fit and behavioural characteristics are clearly understood and align with any opportunities we discuss and share.We take the same rigorous approach in assessing, challenging and supporting candidates as we do with our clients, informing them of the application process and the timescales involved. The one thing the people we place appreciate above everything else is our communication – the fact that we proactively stay in touch.
  • Stage 4: Match-assessment and evaluation
    Stage 4: Match-assessment and evaluation
    We utilise a comprehensive range of sophisticated profiling and testing tools to give you the in depth and accurate insight to make the right decision. As part of a selection process these tools take you beyond a limiting and not always reliable past-performance-and-experience approach to a more holistic, accurate and predictive model that also profiles a candidate’s personality, emotional intelligence and interpersonal style. This kind of profiling can be an invaluable interview aid for developing questions that probe strengths and areas for development, too.Your specific context is our defining criterion. It is a proven approach that enables us to predict a prospective employee’s ability to adapt and develop within an organisation, ensuring a cultural as well as technical-capabilities-based fit. This is especially common practice for CEO, executive, director, senior management and other key strategic appointments.
  • Stage 5: Shortlisting, insight and interview
    Stage 5: Shortlisting, insight and interview
    Following evaluation, we will present the short-listed candidates, along with additional background information and consultant recommendations. As appropriate, we share our in-depth evaluation reports – detailing capabilities and competencies in relation to the ideal profile, their strengths, and potential for development. This enables you to probe any particular areas of significance or concern further, during interviews. After each interview stage, feedback is obtained and interest levels carefully monitored.
  • Stage 6: Offer management and salary negotiation
    Stage 6: Offer management and salary negotiation
    We will handle the verbal offer and acceptance process, followed up by written confirmation from your organisation. In a candidate-led market where competition for the best talent is fierce, our extensive experience in promoting offers to prospective appointees can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. As your representative, our role is to provide a sounding board for candidates and resolve any outstanding issues or concerns. It is at this stage that references are thoroughly checked. Our in-depth market knowledge means we are uniquely placed to advise on an equitable remuneration and benefits package as part of the contractual negotiations.
  • Stage 7: On-boarding and in-post development and support
    Stage 7: On-boarding and in-post development and support
    Ours is a holistic, integrated approach that offers clients complete solutions – from search and selection through to employee evaluation, engagement and development. We’re in it for the long haul. We want to see your new employee flourish and your business thrive, which is why we support the appointee through their notice period, and beyond to ensure a smooth and successful transition.
    Our strategic People & Change HR consultancy also offer in-post assessment and evaluation tools that enable you to predict future performance and fit. They help you focus your resources more cost effectively, identifying potential risk as well as highlighting areas for career-development investment, vital for the retention of the brightest and best leadership talent.

Working with fast-growing start-ups and SMEs to large corporates and public-sector organisations, we offer our partners a breadth and depth of industry experience and insight across a range of sectors and organisational structures that bring an objective clarity to the most complex of people-search challenges.