Scale is stretching the talent pipeline as public and private investors commit to the longer term

Sentiment in this sector remains positive, particularly after the publication of the UK government’s National Infrastructure Delivery Plan, in 2016. It sets out an ambitious roadmap for project focus to 2021. Backed by £500 billion of public and private investment, it covers everything from housing, social regeneration and flood defences to road, rail, energy and communications. With over 600 planned projects, it is a positive commitment to stimulate development and growth in the UK economy, in a period of economic and political uncertainty.

It is not that the number of infrastructure projects will necessarily increase, more that their scale will. From HS2 to pervasive, superfast digital communications, public and private investors are committing to large-scale projects for the longer term. It is a pattern repeating across the globe, as governments look to stimulate economic growth through infrastructure spending. This is putting a squeeze on available talent. This is why organisations in this sector are looking to people-resource experts, like Seymour John, to secure the pipeline now.

As specialists in the business-critical functions of finance, technology and project management, our partners benefit from access to extensive networks of talent that enable them to expand their services to offer added value by taking on a broader range of management roles. We are also working closely with support services organisations that are expanding rapidly as businesses look to rationalise by divesting non-core business operations.

Seymour John is a proven strategic partner for high impact talent management in the following subsectors:

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Services
  • Utilities

In a growth sector where competition for the very best talent is fierce, progressive organisations are looking to develop talent from within, too. Working in tandem with our People and Change practice, Seymour John offers a full range of talent solutions — from competency-based individual and team assessments, strategic organisational and talent design, executive succession planning, one-on-one coaching, identifying and accelerating development of high-potential leaders and interventions to meet engagement and retention challenges.