Our Culture

Empowering people to be the best they can

At Seymour John, we practise what we preach. Honest, open, collaborative, we are walking-talking adverts for a more positive, progressive and productive business culture.

We are a tight-knit group of hard-grafting, self-directing consultants, each an expert in our complementary specialism. We share the load, we share the rewards, we share the vision: to be the pre-eminent service provider in our respective fields. Our success is based on mutual trust, respect and the kind of foundational support that gives us the freedom to fly… and to fail; after all, that’s the space in which genuine growth occurs.

Innovation and evolution are prerequisites in the increasingly complex and rapidly changing business environments in which we operate. Our clients stay ahead of the curve because we are invested in each other’s continuous personal and professional development. We are not afraid to ask hard questions – of ourselves and of our clients.

We cultivate a culture of openness, celebrating difference and diversity as a necessary, creative and complementary force in the corporate mix. We are open and collaborative in the way we share our expertise and insight. We are open to new ideas. We are open to the possibility that we are wrong.

It’s good to talk; even better to listen. Ours is a culture that values the ability to listen over persuasive oratory. Listening helps us genuinely hear, identify the crux of the challenge and to reflect back thoughtfully and thoroughly. Insight comes from profound understanding. Listening is the source of our profound understanding.