Unlock the hearts and minds of your people to drive performance and growth

The correlation between employee engagement and performance is proven. In progressive organisations where it has become a business-critical priority, performance improves dramatically – some studies showing revenue up by more than five times, others revealing operating margins that increase by up to three times.

Engaged people are passionate, motivated, committed and loyal. They take personal responsibility for driving organisational success because they feel they have an important part to play on a winning team. Bottom line is: people go the extra mile when they feel valued and that their role is meaningful. And this is important, particularly for the attraction, motivation and retention of talent in a competitive marketplace where top performers can take their pick of employers.

We work with clients to help them create cultures where employee’s become advocates for their organisations, where they are invested wholeheartedly for the long-term, where they give of their best. Engagement gets to the heart of how people really feel about their jobs and the organisations they work for. It is so much more than workspace gimmicks and perks. It is about creating a deep, emotional connection – hearts and minds committed to the same vision and purpose. It is not enough to simply engage your people, however; people need to be empowered, too. This is about resourcing, removing obstacles and giving people the autonomy to get things done. It is about developing a progressive culture of collaboration, loyalty and trust.

Working with you

We work with you to foster an environment where individuals feel valued and encouraged to contribute. Although communication is important, it is only part of the story. It is about captivating your employees, developing passion and commitment by giving them a voice. Engagement needs to live at all levels of the business and across everything you do.

From fast growing start-ups to global businesses, we believe engagement is the heartbeat of an organisation and an indicator of how healthy and sustainable it is. We use the insight from business-driven analysis to tell you how engaged your people are and give you a clear understanding of what it is that engages them. Only when you know where you are can you map out a route to where you want to be. Once this is in place we work with you to design ways to increase the levels of engagement that drive higher productivity, increase your organisational growth and have a positive impact on your profit.

In Practice

Ours is a transparent, cost-effective approach with a clear road map from assessment, to results, to action. We design organisation specific engagement evaluations to assess how engaged and empowered your employees feel whilst identifying their key engagement drivers. We then work with your HR function to turn the data into insight that focuses on areas for development to inform practical responses – from loyalty building reward programmes and performance enhancing leadership development resources to culture-shifting change and transformation. Measurable against your organisation’s strategic objectives, our engagement interventions are designed with clear outcomes that have a positive impact on your bottom line.