We’ve got your back

People are a significant asset. There is a direct correlation between their performance and that of the organisations for whom they work. In recognition of the fact, Human Resources has undergone rapid and profound change in order to leverage this valuable resource. Businesses can no longer afford to view HR simply as an administrative support function, they need it to become a strategically aligned business partner. Whether it is the attraction and retention of talent in an increasingly competitive employment market, people initiatives to drive change and transformation, improving performance through learning and development or employee engagement programmes, all are people-focused prerequisites for business success. In an increasingly complex and competitive business world, HR needs to become a business-critical driver.

Whatever the size of your HR function, we offer innovative human-centric initiatives aligned with your business objectives, helping you mitigate risk, reduce costs, improve performance and drive sustainable growth.

Working with you

At Seymour John, we work with you to harness the potential of HR as a business-improvement partner. We have extensive client-side experience, from a diversity of industries and regions, so understand the commercial pressures you face. We help you not only respond effectively to imposed business, operational and ER requirements, but also to develop proactive people strategies that take the initiative in meeting organisational objectives.

Crucial to our approach is the development of a working understanding of your organisation’s unique values, vision and culture. Nimble and flexible, we adapt seamlessly to offer the level of support you need, depending on the complexity of the issue and your internal capability. We promote transparency at every stage, always working towards clearly defined business outcomes.

In Practice

We are what your organisation needs us to be. We are back-up support through that complex case that takes you outside of your comfort zone. We are a seamless extension of your team during challenging periods of change and transformation. We are the agile, responsive partner that picks up the project you don’t have time for. We are the independent expert third party that takes on the case that is too sensitive to be handled internally. We are the objective outsider that helps you see the wood for the trees, helping you to align your HR initiatives with the strategic goals of your organisation.

For start-ups and small enterprises we are your HR function. We understand you are busy growing your business and that HR is low on your list of priorities. However, get it wrong and an HR issue can be damaging. Get it right and it can become a driver for success.

The complexities of employment law mean you need to be on it! Bang up to date with the latest legislation and armed with the kind of applied practical knowledge that only comes from hard-won experience, we’ll keep you on the right side of compliance and guide you through any potential pitfalls, saving you time, money and significantly reducing your exposure to risk.

Our HR advisory services include:

HR Audit

A comprehensive review of your current HR policies, procedures and documentation will keep you compliant in an ever-shifting legislative landscape. By identifying strengths and areas for development, we’ll help you focus your energies, reducing risk and streamlining operations for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Discipline and Grievance

Advice, guidance, coaching and support for Acas statutory Code of Practice procedures.

Performance Management

We use tailored analytics and diagnostics to give you a competitive edge, working at individual, team and organisational levels to identify poor performance and highlight talent. We create bespoke learning and development programmes and ensure change is effectively managed in alignment with strategic objectives.

Recruitment, Assessment, and Selection

An organisation’s success depends on hiring the right people for the right role at the right time. We can help you with talent attraction, recruitment, assessment and selection. We utilise a comprehensive range of profiling and testing to generate accurate insight into a candidate’s future performance, behaviour and personality – as well as their technical skill, experience and expertise – ensuring the right cultural fit.

Where applicable, our HR clients also have access to the experience and expertise of the specialist, dedicated Seymour John Search and Selection teams, beneficial especially when you are looking for the right candidate to fill a key role.

Absence Management

We can assist in managing long-term sickness and multiple shot-term absenteeism, helping mitigate unproductive and ultimately costly disruption. But, perhaps more importantly, we can provide proactive well-being guidance and recommendations – after all, prevention is more cost-effective than cure.

Trade Unions

We have extensive experience working collaboratively with trade unions. We can take the lead or support you in the development of the necessary approach to ensure negotiations are always productive and effective. And our business acumen and detailed knowledge of employment law means we can guide you clearly through the terms of union collective agreements.

Day-to-day guidance and support

Smaller organisations use us as their HR function. We work on site or remotely, as a retained partner or on a pay-as-you-need-us basis, depending on the level of support you require. Whilst you’re busy growing your business, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your exposure to risk is mitigated.