HR Leaders’ Survey Results

People & Change: HR Leaders’ Survey Results Webinar

On this webinar we:

  • Explore key HR trends for 2019
  • Share specific sector challenges and best practice insight
  • Discover what the HR function of the future will look like

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What will the HR function of the future look like?

We’ve been looking at how the HR function is doing in our world, among SMEs and public-sector organisations here in the UK. In trying to spot the key trends, we’ve been asking HR leaders what will be shaping the HR agenda over the next year or so. We know from our work with client partners, there is sometimes a disconnect between theory and practice and what we know we should be doing as opposed to what we are doing.

Theory is all well and good, but it’s how you’re working it out in practice that interests us. So, what will the HR function of the future look like and what challenges will you face in making the transition? Here’s a snapshot of what our HR leaders said.

We unpacked the results further in an HR leaders webinar on Thursday 24th January 2019, sharing specific sector challenges and best-practice insight. To watch, click here

The Context

Size of organisation

They represent a diverse range of private (70%), public (20%) and third-sector (10%) organisations.

Other sectors include housing, education, energy, distribution and technology.

Top 3 organisation-wide challenges

By 2020, over half the workforce will be Millennials.

Understanding what makes them tick is going to be important for the HR function of the future and, we’re guessing, the reason why 45% of our respondents selected workforce profiling as a major organisational factor, this year.

Digital transformation52%
Future workforce profile45%

Top 3 People Challenges

33% cite employee engagement as a wider challenge (not just a people challenge), suggesting that HR is becoming a driver across the whole of some organisations

Employee engagement:86%
Leadership capability76%
Developing a high-performance organisation72%

So what have our HR leaders actually been doing?

Top 5 tasks for their HR teams in 2019 are:

Talent review/pipeline/lifecycle/succession etc.36%
Training and development34%
Performance management29%
Digital transformation21%
Develop recruitment and retention processes14%