Developing leaders who inspire others and drive change

For companies to gain a competitive advantage and grow in today’s fast changing business world the imperative to develop, engage, and retain exceptional leaders has never been more pressing. Organisations need innovative, inspiring, impactful and adaptable leaders to shape culture and drive change.

Effective leaders have a direct impact on the performance of an organisation. That is why there is such stiff competition between progressive businesses to attract, develop and retain the very best. However, when it comes to leadership development, HR professionals recognise that there is a mismatch between the high aspirations of many organisations and their ability to deliver. It is an area ‘where the need for action is most pressing.’ We help organisations meet their leadership development aspirations, working with you to deliver integrated, organisation wide leadership development strategies that drive measurable and sustainable performance improvements.

The interdependent, connected nature of today’s global business environments means the need for leaders to work well collaboratively, across a range of disciplines, is more important now than ever. Leadership-team development, therefore, is essential, too. We will help you shape your leaders to meet the challenges of today whilst putting in place succession strategies to meet the challenges of the future, ensuring the kind of evolutionary leadership culture that is a foundation for long-term growth.

Working with you

From executive level leaders to those with managerial or supervisory responsibilities, we support clients through continuous evaluation of their leadership development and talent programmes to ensure the right people, with the right capabilities are in the right positions to drive strategy, develop culture and enhance overall business performance. Some organisations only focus development at the very top. Where we can help you gain a genuine competitive advantage, however, is by leveraging your middle management too. They are, after all, the conduit through which top-level strategy is mediated. When this group of people is empowered, enabled and motivated, and aligned with your business agenda, the rest of your organisation will follow, establishing tangible, sustainable, culture-shifting change.

In Practice

In brief, our holistic, integrated approach to leadership development is effective across three levels:

  • Organisational: tailored programmes built around leadership benchmarking, strategy and succession planning.
  • Team: setting clear goals and direction; creating the right structures, processes and behaviours; establishing role capabilities and clear accountability within the team.
  • Individual: tailored development programmes for management and leadership at all levels; providing individual coaching and assessment to executive leaders.

For good or bad, success or failure, your leaders have a direct impact on the performance of your organisation. Having the right leaders, in the right positions at the right time is as critical to organisational success as your financial strategy.

We work with clients to change behaviours for more efficient and effective organisational performance, developing leaders that inspire others and drive that change. We utilise a comprehensive range of learning methodologies and sophisticated profiling and testing tools to give you the in depth and accurate insight you need to make informed decisions across the leadership lifecycle – from candidate selection and on-boarding to ongoing assessment and leadership succession. By understanding the way people perform as individuals and in teams we help you invest development resources where they are needed most.

We work with executive leaders to identify and address current business challenges and put in place development plans to meet the projected challenges of the future. We give them the tools to inspire change and transformation, helping re-shape organisational culture and establish effective, collaborative working relationships. We provide in depth analysis of different leadership models and their potential impact on performance, at an individual, team and organisational level. In short, we identify and put in place the performance-enhancing learning tools and resources your leaders need to drive the future success of your organisation.

Click on the links below to explore how your organisation can gain a competitive advantage through specific complementary elements of our leadership assessment and development services:

  • Executive Selection
    Executive Selection
    As part of a selection and on-boarding process our sophisticated personality profiling and psychometric assessment tools offer accurate and predictive insight into a candidate’s personality, emotional intelligence and interpersonal style. We undertake different types of assessment depending on the role, sector and culture. It is a proven approach that enables us to predict a prospective employee’s ability to adapt and develop within your organisation, ensuring a cultural as well as technical-capabilities-based fit.
    This kind of profiling can be an invaluable interview aid for probing possible areas of strength and areas for development. It is also useful within post, too. Being able to predict future performance and fit will help you focus your resources more cost effectively, identifying potential risk as well as earmarking talent for career-development investment.

  • Leadership Development
    Leadership Development
    Are your leaders confident, passionate, effective? Do they have vision? Are they adaptable? Do they inspire? Can they nurture the talent of others? We get under the skin of your leaders to understand their character and interpersonal style. We’ll explore their emotional intelligence as well as their psychological drivers and triggers. We’ll put a microscope on underlying values and identify an individual’s leadership approach, asking: how does it align with your organisation’s culture and his or her role within it? There is a difference between a true leader and a manager. Your organisation needs both. We’ll identify who’s who, so you can ensure they’re fulfilling their full potential within the right role for them. By identifying behaviours that inhibit the ability to lead we can coach towards shifting mindsets and improving performance. The aim? To develop self-aware, self-directing leaders able to adapt and impact positively whatever the context.
  • Executive Team Development
    Executive Team Development
    Testing adapted to give insight into group dynamics will help you ensure teams are working efficiently and effectively, aligning complementary skill-sets and personalities with project, team and organisational objectives. Just because the choir is singing from the same hymn sheet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s making beautiful music. And whilst each member may be an outstanding soloist, it’s the way those voices blend that creates the magic. From bass to tenor, every voice is needed for the full effect to be felt.
    We put in place clear structures and processes that instil constructive ways of working. An important part of the process is establishing clear criteria by which success can be measured. It’s about blending visionary voices within the leadership of your organisation to create a powerful, united team, with clear strategic objectives, pulling in one clearly defined direction. This is fundamental to organisational success.