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We understand that you don’t always require our full suite of services. Sometimes you simply need a shortlist of candidates to complement those of a competing consultancy or your in-house recruitment processes. At such times, we work with you on a contingent basis (i.e. payment is only made if we successfully fill the role). The level of engagement is dependent on the level of the role and associated risk. For organisation-critical roles where it is imperative you find the right fit first time, we would always recommend you work with us on an exclusive basis.

For the kind of mid-level positions this Lot is designed for – where there is a good supply of qualified talent and a low risk of associated failed placement – support in generating candidates is all that’s needed. We are nimble, agile and responsive. Rising to the usual time-pressure challenges, we have the capacity and the networks to work with numerous assignments concurrently, delivering a shortlist in hours, if needs be.

For all finance roles, including accounting and audit, speak with one of our public sector finance specialists:

John Lavictoire, Director Seymour John Public Services (UK): 07921 480947

Emma Hughes, Associate Director, South West: 07872 142465

Rhian Mountjoy, Principal Consultant, South West: 07928 666145

Maria Edwards, Associate Director, South Wales: 07734 768375


Case Study
This case study illustrates what a typical Lot 4 contingent finance process might look like.

Following a period of rapid expansion, our client required 10 qualified finance professionals for roles ranging from a Cash Operations Administrator (£19,000) to a Reporting Accountant (£52,000). As is often the case, they were needed quickly!

Stage 1: Defining the role profile

Joined a briefing call hosted by the Master Vendor (a company who manages the recruitment process on behalf of the client). Whilst the meeting allowed for any questions regarding each role, we also met directly with the hiring manager, to gain a better understanding of the organisation and its objectives.

Stage 2: Exploring the talent pool

From the Master Vendor’s role profiles and our own market insight, we developed a set of advertisements for the specific roles we chose to recruit for, developing marketing material for direct approaches to candidates from our own networks. We advertised these roles on LinkedIn, Totaljobs, Reed, Jobsite, JobServe and our own web portal.

Stage 3: Matching people to the role profile, long and short listing

An initial sift of applications was conducted using pre-set screening questions and face-to-face competency-based interviews. Insight gathered enabled us to compile long lists for each role. A further refining process of meetings and telephone conversations was undertaken between Seymour John Public Services, the Master Vendor and the client to agree the short lists for interview.

N.B. It is a common courtesy, but it is amazing how few consultancies do it; we kept all candidates informed at every stage of the process.

Stage 4: Offer management

Seymour John Public Services managed the offer and agreed terms with the candidates selected, as well as undertaking all referencing and eligibility-to-work checks.

Stage 5: Onboarding and in-post support

The process doesn’t end with acceptance. Onboarding sets the tone for an employee’s experience. To ensure good retention, it is important to get it right. We want to see your new employee flourish and your business thrive, which is why we support the appointee through their notice period, and beyond to ensure a smooth and successful transition.