The slow walk back to work: what are the considerations for HR?

As people tentatively head back to work over the coming weeks and months, HR will, once again, be in the thick of it. There is a lot to consider in ensuring people can work productively, but most importantly, as safely as possible. As an employer, the responsibilities of the health and wellbeing of your people weigh heavy right now. It can never be exhaustive – as some issues won’t manifest until we’re actually back – but referencing the current guidance, this page covers the kinds of things you need to consider when people are physically returning to the workplace, as well as resuming their jobs, but from home.

Practical resources

To help get you started, we’ve compiled this wide-ranging Return-to-Work Checklist

If you’ve not downloaded it already, this guide to homeworking has some useful health & wellbeing guidance, too

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