Business & Professional Services

In a people business, you need exceptional people

Despite the well documented difficulties in the wider economy, the services sector continues to grow. That’s not to say it has been immune to the challenging trading environment. As with other industries, doing less with more has become a prerequisite as costs rise and margins tighten. It is the organisations that are taut and nimble that have been successfully navigating their way through this period of post-2008 austerity. Disruptors have been changing the game with businesses looking towards customer focused technological innovation to add value through operational efficiencies and targeted engagement. Even so, it is people who remain the industry’s most significant asset in gaining a commercial advantage.

Looking forward, the future looks bright. In the wake of geopolitical, socio-economic and regulatory uncertainty, businesses are turning to the expertise of professional services companies to steer them through increasingly complex operating environments. And whether private or public sector, the drive to streamline, reduce costs and encourage more efficient working, means organisations are increasingly outsourcing non-core operations. To make the most of these opportunities, in what is still a lean and competitive market, professional and business service companies need exceptional leaders who can deliver outstanding value for their customers.

Seymour John is a strategic partner for high impact talent management in the following subsectors:

Professional Services
  • Accountancy & Tax
  • Business Support
  • Legal
  • Management Consulting
  • Real Estate
Business Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Technology & Digital
  • Human Resources
  • Outsourced Public Services
  • Construction
  • Business Process Outsourcing

We are uniquely positioned to leverage extensive talent networks to give our partners the commercial edge. In tandem with our people and change practice, we offer the insight and resources you need to tackle all of your human resource requirements, however complex, helping your business to meet its strategic goals.

Professional Services

Globalisation, digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, cultural change… today’s corporate leaders face increasingly complex challenges, all against a backdrop of economic and political uncertainty. It is why they are turning in growing numbers to specialist professional services companies for best-practice counsel and support. As such, this is a growing market sector in which people really are the most significant asset. After all, clients are buying personal expertise and experience. The correlation is direct: to be the best, you need to be hiring the best.

We work with our partners to clarify their business objectives before agreeing the process by which we secure the right people to meet them. Whilst key competencies are imperative, the importance of cultural fit cannot be overstated. Ongoing assessment is crucial in developing a talent strategy for sustainable growth, as is continuous education and development. Retention is as important as attraction, which is why we offer a range of value added services that ensure your people are motivated, engaged and productive with clear progression and succession paths in place. Whether it is attraction or retention and development, we work with executive level through to C-suite talent to ensure you are getting the best return from your most important asset, your people.

Business Services

Outsourcing of non-core business functions is a growing trend as companies look to scale down the complexity of their organisations, increase efficiency and reduce overheads. The key advantage for your clients is a professionally run service that frees their executives and leadership teams up to focus effectively on their core business offerings. From Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), like payroll, CRM, accountancy and HR, to facilities services, like cleaning, catering, security and building maintenance, the list of opportunities is growing for service providers adept at commercialising their specialty. As such, competition is fierce for the visionary leaders able to sustain growth and profitability by diversifying into new markets.

As a people business, where training is specific and ‘on the job’, executives must be experienced at managing, motivating and developing large groups of employees, often across numerous locations around the world. In a competitive, cost-driven market, maintaining margins requires operationally focused and commercially astute professionals with a rigorous approach to the bottom line. Technology has become a key driver for the BPO sector in particular. As increased volumes of personal data are transferred and entrusted the cyber-security function is becoming increasingly influential.

Whether it is recruiting exceptional interim or permanent teams for a specific client project or helping you develop, engage and motivate the people you already have, we are experienced at delivering a range of tailored talent management support services to meet the most complex of people requirements.