Competitive advantage starts at the top: Securing the leadership talent pipeline for sustained growth and profitability

Today’s operating climate is complex and challenging, which means, more so than ever, it is about the survival of the fittest. In such a world, evolution is imperative. The future belongs to the organisations that can do more with less and that have the flexibility to adapt to the ever-shifting social, political and economic conditions. They are the ones that possess the dynamic, visionary CEOs, directors and senior management teams with the strategic talent and creativity to successfully navigate inevitable change.

A systematic, holistic approach to leadership attraction, retention and development

In a market where exceptional leaders give you the competitive edge, competition for their talent is fierce. It is employees not employers who hold all the aces. As such, the attraction, development and retention of executive talent has become a business-critical issue. As a specialist, search and selection consultancy, we have built up extensive networks of leadership talent. And because these demanding roles require such unique skill-sets, we also have the value-added option of delving into a deep pool of ‘passive’ talent to find the exact fit.

Ours is an integrated, systematic approach that offers so much more than pin-point search and selection. Whether it is through assessment and profiling, coaching and mentoring, development and education, on-boarding or succession planning, our strategic HR consultancy team work closely with you to secure the talent pipeline to meet your business-growth agenda.

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A profound understanding of your unique requirements is the cornerstone of our success

As specialists in the executive search and selection arena, Seymour John is a proven strategic talent ally for ambitious start-ups and SMEs through to large corporates and public-sector organisations. Our expert consultants understand the delicate art and impeccable judgment required in identifying, assessing and attracting the high-calibre talent these business-critical roles demand. We offer our partners a breadth and depth of industry experience and insight that brings an objective clarity to the most complex of leadership-search challenges.

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