The rapid, relentless pace of development is frightening. Keeping up with it is only half of the equation, however. Successful organisations are the ones who can align technology with sound, strategic business objectives. To achieve this, you need outstanding, commercially aware leaders to drive change across the whole of an organisation. As the IT function becomes increasingly important, the roles of CTO, CIO and CISO are pivotal in translating aspiration into everyday business reality.

As a technology sector specialist, we recognise that the successful implementation of any technology and communications initiative is necessarily a multi-discipline enterprise. Building high-performing teams is not simply about relevant and complementary skill-sets, it is also about selecting and developing talent with complementary interpersonal styles. Harnessing the potential of diversity and difference can be a potent creative resource when looking to cultivate a culture that looks to operate outside traditional norms.

We support, challenge and advise ambitious start-ups and SMEs through to large corporates and public-sector organisations across the spectrum of technology and IT functions, to deliver tailored permanent and interim talent for:

  • Business Intelligence, Big Data Information and Analytics
  • Architecture (Technical, Data, Enterprise, Cloud)
  • ERP & CRM
  • Information Security
  • Data Governance
  • Development Testing and Software Engineering
  • Cloud Security Infrastructure and Operations
  • Digital UI & UX Designers, Data Analytics etc.
Data & Analytics

Data, allied with intelligent machine learning and analytics, has become a powerful business tool across the whole of the enterprise. Profound customer insight and engagement, is a key business driver and so successful organisations are integrating IT with sophisticated data management to take a customer-centric approach that is transforming the end-user experience. But beyond enhanced customer, employee and stakeholder engagement, data is providing the insight that is giving organisations a competitive advantage in operational performance improvements and informed strategic decision making, too.


The latest technologies not only offer potentially limitless possibilities, they also offer significant challenge. The importance and value of data makes its security critical. Inevitably cyberthreats are more frequent and sophisticated, making this an ultra-technical and complex environment. The CISO walks a risk tightrope balancing the aspirations and objectives of the business and the need for protection and control. The proliferation of mobile and cloud technologies and the drive towards digital ecosystems and convergence all add to the complexity of the cybersecurity challenge.