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Power to the people! A human-centric approach to sustaining business growth

In today’s employment market where it is not always straightforward to find people with the right skill-sets, it is employees not employers who hold all the aces. This means organisations need to compete for top performers to drive their growth agendas. As such, the attraction, motivation, development and retention of talent has become a business-critical issue. The organisations that are addressing it, through the development of a business-aligned talent strategy, are the ones gaining the competitive advantage.

Although it has become something of a cliché in the HR arena, your people really are your strongest asset. As such, they should be valued and nurtured. It is often said that a company is only as good as its talent. At Seymour John, we would stand by this statement. How one defines ‘talent’, however, is crucial in shaping the way your strategy evolves. Many would define it as a tiny top-performing elite. Our definition would include everyone in an organisation. We believe the best talent strategies are inclusive. They are also anticipatory and forward facing, not only addressing today’s immediate challenges, but also making plans for a sustainable future. In shifting business contexts, they need continuous evaluation and flexibility built in, too. Whatever the change agenda, people will always be at the heart of it.

Working with you

A talent strategy is not just about filling vacancies, it is also about creating a motivational learning and development culture that brings out the very best in your people. All of your people.

We work with you to unlock their potential, putting in place the learning resources and business processes that will help them succeed. We work with you to engage, empower, enable and motivate them. Whilst reward and remuneration are important, research shows us that, for top performers, career development can be an equally powerful motivator, which is why we work with you to create an environment where people feel valued, can develop, and progress. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; when your people flourish, your business thrives.

Evaluation is a vital tool in the talent strategy development process. Our starting point is always an assessment of your current capability. Using this insight we work with you to address the most immediate talent-gap issues whilst putting plans in place for the future. Continuous evaluation helps us monitor ongoing individual, team and organisational performance as well as assess the effectiveness of our interventions. It is a research-based, holistic and integrated approach that highlights and addresses any issues within your people-management systems and puts in place initiatives to address any skill-shortage concerns.

In Practice

We use sophisticated evaluation tools and analysis to help you understand your people and what motivates and engages them. We use them to assess how they are performing now, and how they might perform in the future, as well as in different contexts. Our insight will highlight strengths as well as show where learning and development interventions are needed. It will also flag up where your talent gaps lie. A continuous evaluation process will help you ensure that you will always have the right people in the right place at the right time.

We help shape talent strategy through a variety of integrated services to help enhance business transformation and growth, including:

  • Evaluation of your people-management systems
  • Defining actionable people initiatives to close critical talent gaps
  • Developing initiatives for recruitment, development, engagement and retention
  • Organisational design to support talent strategy
  • Aligned workforce planning
  • Career and performance development
  • Creation of a culture that values, engages, enables and empowers your people
  • Identification of key talent and succession planning
  • Evaluation and development of existing competency frameworks
  • 121 feedback and coaching