Emma Norvill

Finance Manager

Emma has been with us from the beginning, balancing our books with all the precision of Nadia Comaneci in the final of the Beam at the 1976 Olympics.

Graduating with a degree in Psychology, Emma enjoyed a successful career with Aspect Communications as the International Partner-Commercial Services Manager, selling call centre software support solutions to partners across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

She took a career break, in 2006, to bring up her three young children, undertaking a distance-learning diploma in Bookkeeping and Accounts whilst her youngest was at playgroup. She got a distinction in all modules!

Fiercely loyal and supportive, Emma is a people person and part-time magician with the ability to conjure time out of thin air (which means, alongside her demanding job, she always has time for friends, family and keeping fit).

Contact details

Email: emma.n@seymourjohn.com

Telephone: 07739 364331

Emma Norvill