Martin Chadwick

Principal Consultant

Martin is a finance recruitment specialist with over 18 years’ experience working across the public sector. A change-management expert, he also helps organisations improve performance and drive transformation by facilitating restructuring programmes.

A Prince 2 practitioner and qualified psychometric profiler, he partners with department heads – in business services, training and for outplacement programmes – running assessment centres to identify potential leaders and development opportunities and recruiting new team members where skills gaps are identified.

Martin began his career as a services manager in the NHS, before moving into recruitment internally. Still working closely with NHS organisations across the North West, he says it’s part of his DNA. As an expert in his field, he speaks regularly at NHS conferences.

His regional and sector focus, over so many years, means he is has built up extensive networks and is uniquely positioned to support clients and candidates with unrivalled market insight. For candidates, he is a mentor, committed to long-term career development. For clients, he is a trusted advisor, partnering with leaders to usher in change and transformation.

If there was a league for non-contact, walking rugby, Seymour John would smash it! Martin is another ‘former’ player whose catalogue of injuries – including two broken legs (not at the same time!) – forced him to hang up his boots. He’s still pretty active, though. A qualified personal trainer and avid gym-goer, it’s the yang to the yin of his doughnut-loving lifestyle.

Contact details


Telephone: 07971 929230

Martin Chadwick