Technology & Communications

In a digital world where change is rapid and relentless, agility and innovation are imperatives

The Digital Revolution is changing everything. The catalyst for the global, 24/7 economy, it is not only shaping the world of work, but every facet of our lives. Technology and communications is one of the fastest growing industry sectors, offering opportunity and challenge in equal measure. Here today gone tomorrow, it is an industry sector defined by speed, change and innovation. Businesses grow at warp speed; their decline can be equally rapid. Whether it’s a rocket-ship start-up or a global enterprise, utopia is sustainability.

The businesses that are succeeding are agile. They do not rely on a single product, but are developing integrated, convergent systems. They are forward-facing and always evolving. And we’re not just talking about new products and services; innovation needs to drive every facet of an organisation, including its talent strategy. To maintain a competitive advantage, businesses need to attract, retain and develop the very best people. This includes technical talent, of course, but, perhaps more importantly, leaders. In such a complex, rapidly evolving industry, strong, creative, adaptable leadership is an imperative.

The real success stories belong to the new kids on the block, the disruptors – the Ubers and Airbnbs of this world – who have leveraged technology to jump into existing markets in a way that turns everything on its head. Theirs is a customer-centric approach that transforms the end-user experience. Technology is changing the way businesses and customers engage. Data, allied with intelligent machine learning and analytics has become a powerful business tool. Profound customer insight and engagement is a key business driver as is an approach to talent that develops multidisciplinary teams. Harnessing the potential of diversity and difference can be a potent creative resource when looking to cultivate a culture that looks to operate outside the traditional norms.

The meteoric rise of such companies is a wake-up call for any established technology organisation resting on its laurels. There is always someone champing at the bit to do what you do, but better. Ongoing evaluation and assessment is a prerequisite, therefore, for any progressive organisation working towards long-term growth and sustainability. It underpins the evolutionary process, giving you insight into strengths and areas for development at individual, team and organisational levels, as well as identifying gaps in your talent pipeline.

Seymour John is a strategic ally for high impact talent management and business-improvement services in these tech industry subsectors:

  • Cyber Security
  • Digital
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Systems, Services and Software
  • Mobility
  • Semiconductor
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Telecommunications

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